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Custom area rugs are a bold statement of style. They say that you enjoy elegance as much as individual taste. Now you can design and purchase your own custom rug at Florida Floor & Bath and have it delivered anywhere in The Villages and surrounding areas. These floor coverings are both durable and attractive. Each product is made with high-quality materials and is crafted to your specifications. There are hundreds of possible options to fit any decor. Fast shipping makes it easy to design your dream space sooner. Low prices make these custom rugs affordable on any budget.

Custom Area Rugs at Florida Floor & Bath
Advantages of Choosing a Custom Area Rug
  • What makes custom area rugs so attractive? For starters, they reflect your personal style. They're also versatile -- there are many ways to incorporate them into your home or office design. And they're useful. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a custom rug:

    You control the size. Do you have a small amount of flooring to protect, such as in a mudroom? Or a bathroom with very little space? You can customize your rug to fit any space, large or small.

    You choose the material. From trendy to elegant, there are hundreds of different piles and materials to choose from in our carpet collection. You can even mix and match textiles to create one-of-a-kind looks for your home or office.

    You pick the colors. Color is a powerful tool when it comes to design. Blues inspire calm feelings. Reds and oranges are bold and intense. Greens and browns reflect nature. You can use the colors of your custom rug to inspire an entire design or complete an existing look.

    You can find different themes. Some manufacturers offer seasonal designs. You'll find fall designs with maple leaves and orange and gold color variations, and winter styles with reds and whites. Manufacturers also rotate seasonal styles from top designers.

    You save more money. Did you know that a custom-designed rug can actually cost less than a mass-produced one? You can find budget-friendly materials and request different payment methods to meet your needs.

    You get fast delivery. Say goodbye to long wait times for delivery. Our packing and shipping system is cutting-edge quick so you receive your custom rugs faster. You can trust that your floor covering will arrive fast and in excellent condition. If you aren’t satisfied, simply send it back. We’ll refund your money or replace your rug just as quickly.

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